Premium Design for prestige brands


Premium design is very much about understanding the context in which a design solution has to work and so understanding our clients market is deeply is essential to delivering the very best.

Our specialist sector knowledge has helped us build strong and trusted relationships with our clients by continually delivering on our design promise.


Global Design Delivery

Felix&Friends has delivered unique and beautiful brand identity for clients with the UK and internationally including Mumbai, London, New York, Sydney, Venice and the Cote D’Azur.


D E S I G N  E X C E L L E N C E

We bring out the best in your brand by making sure the appropriate design direction is considered, researched and refined, right down to the small details that make a real difference to the overall experience.

Our clients are companies or business that share one simple belief: they are serious about their brand and understand that design is more than how something looks, it’s a valuable asset that sets them apart from the competition.


P R E M I U M  &  P R E S T I G E 

We say we work with prestige brands rather than luxury, because they occupy similar but not identical territory. Luxury brands are almost universally prestige, but prestige brands are not always luxury. Prestige is often more understated, and talks of heritage, craftsmanship and excellence. Prestige has perhaps deeper meaning, with prestige brands having genuine cachet and commanding greater respect. Those brands and businesses that deserve to be called prestige are always set apart from the rest.


I N S I G H T  &  K N O W L E D G E 

Our focus on prestige brands gives us accumulated insight into all aspects of the UHNW and super prime property sphere. We understand the mindset and expectation of this audience.

Every project we work on adds to our depth of knowledge, and we seek to learn from every single one, to continually develop and grow. It is our job to bring this out through effective design, to convey and communicate the high value and excellence that prestige brands stand for.

We care deeply about the work we do because we understand that reputations depend on and are defined by it – both yours and ours – and we believe that good design builds a brands prestige and enhances your reputation

Premium Design

We have created premium branding for prestige businesses and ultra-high net worth clients around the world. We distil what the essence of the brand is and what the brand needs to separate itself from competitors in its marketplace – no matter how rarified the air. Our approach is research, research, research, then to take it all and remix it into a new form to create something new and original.

Brand Identity

There’s a story behind every brand. From strategy building to brand refreshing, we collaborate with our clients to distil this message into an icon, mark or logo.

Creating a new brand is the foundation on which all other company materials are based. It consists not just of the company logo but also the stationery system, marketing materials, advertising, online presence, and even includes the way an employee answers the phone. These things establish your identity. Felix&Friends ensure that whenever your brand is seen across all platforms, the message is cohesive.


It is our printing experience that is very often greatly appreciated by our clients. Backed by two decades of pre-press and press experience we have the knowledge and expertise in creative marketing services that enables us to design and print any project imaginable.

We work with clients to transform their vision and inspiration into award-winning and memorable material objects – from intricately folded lookbook posters to neon foil stamped vinyl invitations. We draw on classic, tried-and-true print methods while experimenting with new and innovative developing technologies.

Responsive Websites

Your website is your shop front to the world. It’s what everyone views (and judges) you on, whether you like it or not. Using the most current tools and methods, we make sure that your site doesn’t just become “eye-candy” but rather a fully functional and asset rich environment.

We are committed to providing premium design with a practical and intuitive user experience. We ensure your brand’s message is skillfully communicated across digital platforms to  ensure the brand’s digital presence blends seamlessly with all other iterations of the brand. With current web traffic through mobiles reaching 60% and Google’s new changes to searchability for non-mobile websites, having a responsive website is now the new standard.

Brand extensions

A brand is expressed in every element it inhabits from office and retail environments, bespoke gifts, surface graphics, apps and interactive experiences. When taking your brand into a new medium, we take great care to ensure the brand essence is consistent, and excites and stimulates both customers and personnel alike.

Whether in print, digital or 3D forms, for a specific event or strategic campaign, we take your brand across other mediums in innovative and thoughtful ways, yet retaining it’s inherent integrity.

The Felix&Friends team were fantastic in helping us redesign our website, and made the process easy, seamless, and stress free! They had brilliant ideas and worked fast yet thoroughly, always keeping the customer experience at the forefront of everything. We are thrilled with it!’

Octavia Tidswell-Norrish, Marketing Manager - Kiki McDonough

To represent John Caudwell’s luxury residential property portfolio, Felix&Friends needed to create a design that would encompass a modern yet elegant brand that would be instantly recognisable worldwide.  Their creative solution was an identity that appeals to a premium audience, evokes an emotional response and is a smart and unique emblem for today and the future.

Kim Pattie, Marketing director, caudwell collection

Felix&Friends have consistently delivered a very finessed design response, one that is always required when dealing with my UHNW Client base.


The team at Felix&Friends deserve sainthoods for their limitless patience in guiding us through the process. They responded well to our feedback and obliged with untold changes to deliver, ultimately, an identity which feels really comfortable, established and very much our own.

Mark Tunstall - Founder - Mark Tunstall Property

“When the idea of Haute Couture Kitchen was born, I knew instantly that Felix&Friends could deliver the logo. I adore the work Felix&Friends have created for other brands within the prime residential industry. The team quickly understood our intention behind the new sub brand of INTERIOR-iD, delivering a fantastic result that reflects perfectly the meaning of “highest dressmaking kitchen” (Haute Couture Kitchen) beautifully.”

Bernd Radaschitz - Co-Founder / CEO - Interior-iD

The Felix&Friends team are a delight to work with. They’re creative and fun and consistently professional and reliable. The RFDS – Friends in the UK team are always confident they will deliver and they always do.

Cathi Taylor - RFDS - Friends in the UK Trustee

Felix&Friends delivered a very sophisticated yet relaxed life style brand, website and collateral for the launch of Parc du Cap. Their creative direction and process is always smart, thoughtful and considered. The Parc du Cap design solution is clean and classic whilst referencing the colours of the South of France.

Kim Pattie Marketing Director Caudwell Collection

The Felix&Friends Team have always been an absolute pleasure
to deal with, contributing ideas and always responsive to our
requests and requirements


My experience working with Felix&Friends was really great.
The team achieve their jobs on time and with superb quality.


I strongly recommend Felix&Friends to any organisation,
large or small, who want a quality product delivered
by a sensational team 


Felix&Friends can disseminate the brief
and deliver a proposal which is timely,
pitch perfect and right on target.


The team at Felix&Friends are a delight to work with. They are
very talented, highly professional, meticulously reliable,
great listeners, absolutely customer-focussed and deliver
a superb product every time


Felix&Friends know how to translate a brief and deliver
so much more. Unfaltering customer service installs confidence
for minimising stress on a project


Love mrporter - adore and Love shortskirtsareback thank you #love #birthday

Love @mrporter - adore and Love @shortskirtsareback thank you #love #birthday #mrporter #friendship #thankful

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