A chat with David Karp, founder of Tumblr

Felix&Friends went to hear a private chat with Tumblr creator and founder David Karp in East London yesterday.

Tumblr is the social media platform sensation – with over 230 million users worldwide. We heard David Karp discuss why he created Tumblr in the first place and why he has continuously adapted the platform to meet the needs of social media users globally.

We found out the benefits of Tumblr compared to other social platforms – no image size restrictions, no video restrictions, no text limit restrictions, adding gifs and sharing content – has made Tumblr what it is today.


“90% of content on Tumblr is actually reblogged”
– David Karp


The platform has establised itself as an easy and clever way for people to build a new type of presence online. It has now created an agency to connect the best of Tumblr with creative agencies around thew world. Calling itself the ‘Creatrs Network’ it’s a creative agency for Tumblr bloggers, and has already been running for over a year with a small selection of chosen artists, illustrators and designers.

Creatrs plans to turn what are already Tumblr’s biggest stars into even BIGGER stars… and also plans to not only promote but incorporate back-end business support – such as legal for licensing to protect artists’ work.

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