Felix&Friends launch non-profit initiative in wake of pandemic. Helping charities help others

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of the online user experience even more so for charities that typically deliver their services or raise money in the community.

As the impact of the pandemic is set to continue for the foreseeable future and many of the changes it has brought about are likely to become permanent, all organisations must have the capability to deliver services, messaging and income generation across all digital platforms.

However evidence shows that charities have not optimised their digital offer and are adequately under-resourced to operate digitally. Despite two thirds of charities forced to switch to delivering services remotely since March 2020, over half surveyed say they don’t have a digital strategy with a fifth resorting to cancelling services.

With no end in sight to when life returns to normal, non-profits need to move and adjust now to deliver their services and access much needed funds from donors, both locally and internationally as easily as possible.


Approaching a new website can be a daunting project for any charity. Felix&Friends can help guide you through this.


Tailored digital and comms strategies are now required to engage your teams, beneficiaries and donors to remain relevant, tell your unique stories and build revenue through your website in this new Covid world.

The opportunities are significant for organisations that have a strong digital presence – increased reach, improved accessibility and reduced costs are some of the benefits for your organisation, beneficiaries and donors.

After working with The Royal Flying Doctor Service – Friends in the UK and The Prince’s Trust International charities – Felix&Friends have created an initiative to help charities and other non-profit organisations deliver online what they have traditionally delivered offline.

Our initiative came from Felix&Friends questioning why charities were not engaging design agencies better to help them create and deliver a digital strategy to help build revenue? But with the demand for charities’ services increasing, we know it is not just fundraising that can be done digitally. Working from home and home schooling demonstrates that organisations can operate effectively in the digital world.


Felix&Friends understand that approaching a new website can be a complex and daunting project for any charity – there are many factors to consider including various technologies and platforms. What our experience has taught us is that many charities are unsure where to start. This is where Felix&Friends can help and guide charities to deliver services, create narratives and help achieve fundraising goals.


Felix&Friends have partnered with non-profit philanthropy and fundraising expert Jamie Webb to work with charities in need of online help. Jamie has been working in the charity sector for 15 years, as Deputy Director of Fundraising at The Prince’s Trust, Director of Fundraising at Help for Heroes and the Elton John AIDS Foundation and now Director of the Global Philanthropists Circle in Europe and Africa for the Synergos Global Philanthropists Circle. He has also been a trustee of a national military charity and continues to be a Board Director of a private family foundation.

View Jamie Webb’s profile on Linkedin.

Felix&Friends and Jamie Webb working in partnership are a team of knowledge, experience and understanding to help benefit charities that need to increase and improve their digital presence.


If you have a particular digital challenge, idea, or ambition for your charity, please email a brief summary to Felix&Friends and Jamie Webb at [email protected]

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