The Considered Ask – Innovating Philanthropy

The Considered Ask is a strategic and uniquely clever idea designed to encourage philanthropic giving.

The idea is clever, yet simple. Build a community of investors to pledge money annually. Following an innovative and bespoke due diligence process a small number of charities are invited into the community and allocated funds based on their needs and potential to deliver. Charities are selected based on the work they do and their impact. 100% of money pledged by investors goes directly to partner charities, with overheads met by the founders.

With a focus on Education, Training and Counselling, the strategy is to offer support to high impact, high potential charities working to achieve social change in the UK.

Working alongside the founders, and their appointed CEO, Felix&Friends have collaborated to create a fundraising disrupter brand for the sector.

The coming phases for the project will develop the digital platform further to allow the investor community to understand further how their financial investment is creating impact across the United Kingdom.

The Considered Ask will be launching soon with more information and design to follow.

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