Acorn-i empower brands and sellers to help generate sales on Amazon and ensure brands are set up for e-commerce success.

Felix&Friends were tasked to deliver a brand and digital platform that would engage businesses, convey the offer uniquely and help drive success for Acorn-i (Acorn Intelligence).

Acorn-i work with an unlimited scope of businesses from all sectors, the client requested this be conveyed instantly but in an appealing and dynamic way. Felix&Friends created a moving homepage, activating various items from various sectors that would present how limitless the Acorn-i offer was for both buyers and sellers. A variety of different items from a myriad of sectors were produced to create differing looks for the brand.

Transferring the animated homepage design to a series of business cards were delivered along with other corporate stationery.

  • Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guidelines
  • Website
  • Stationery

“We knew that investing in a bespoke brand and website design would be invaluable for our business as a gateway to our customers. Felix&Friends took time to understand our industry and delivered an exceptional outcome, we would highly recommend.”

Ross Caveille
Founder, ACORN-i