Caudwell Collection
Les Oliviers

Caudwell Collection have released the second phase of their Antibes development with six beautifully appointment apartments including a duplex with a private pool, and three bedroom penthouse suite. Called ‘Les Oliviers’ as a nod to the olive trees which dot the landscape, each apartment within the building is named after flora indigenous to the region – Acacia, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Orange Flower and the French Lily.

Felix&Friends delivered the premium branding, advertising and marketing materials for the launch.

Continuing the visual theme for the second of three properties to market, Felix&Friends used the same typeface as Parc du Cap to create a visually different yet similar identity through line weights, arcs and curves.

Hinting at this botanical theme, the brochure uses a subtle leaf motif and soft green to accent the french summer colour palette used on the identity.

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