Helium London


Felix&Friends delivered the brand and digital delivery for art dealers Helium London.

Creating a brand mark that would evolve to house various pieces and reflect the modern and dynamic art world the client represents. The Helium London logo allowed for the mark to be extended wide to reveal the full name and also work as a monogram icon for the brand. A full suite of stationery was created for the business.

Felix&Friends designed and built the Helium London website ready for the launch of the 2018 Pavement Lickers event. The Pavement Lickers event asked both new and established artists to deliver a piece of their work on a pavement slab to be sold online with all funds going to the Rett UK foundation.

Artists included Banksy, Antony Gormley, Faile, Pure Evil, Anthony Lister, Vhils and Modern Toss. Users were able to make a blind purchase of the work on the Helium London website and they would find out on the launch event which piece they received at random. Along with the online shop, the website featured a variety of contemporary artists that Helium London has connected with collectors around the world.

A launch event for Pavement Lickers was held on the 4th of October for buyers to view the work for the first time and meet the artists in attendance. Felix&Friends delivered the event collateral including invitations, large format signage and artist bios for each piece.

  • Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guidelines
  • Website
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Signage

“Love the design.”

Managing Director, HELIUM LONDON