Home House : Bison Bar


London’s Home House, located across three Georgian town houses at 19, 20 and 21 Portman Square, is a Private Member’s Club offering its affiliates the dramatic fusion of the old and the new.

Home House relaunched its Bison Bar in 2013. Felix&Friends created the identity and premium menu for the bar using typography as the hero juxtaposed with torn street posters, art and graffiti.

Home House is London’s most magnificent private members’ club, fusing 18th century splendour with 21st century style. Established in the 18th century, Home House was designed by George III’s architect, James Wyatt, to build a sophisticated palace purely for enjoyment and entertainment, at No 20 Portman Square.

The use of Home House turquoise colour was used to reinforce placement within the iconic members club, alongside the use turquoise foils on the cover and within the menu.


  • Menu Design