Tom Marx Production

Tom Marx Production is a leading London production company developing corporate video content in both the United Kingdom and Germany.

Felix&Friends created a new brand identity for the rapidly growing business that conveyed the quality of production and detail the business undertakes across all of their projects. The branding was applied to a suite of stationery and website showcasing the events, launches and celebrity engagements the company has established.

Creating a visually bold colour palette across a wide image gallery gives the company a striking and dynamic impact – emphasising the smart and bold way Tom Marx Production capture their clients needs in branded content. Coupled with the branding approach which was derived from fashion references – Felix&Friends have delivered a striking and refreshed look for the brand.

Tom Marx Production develops content strategies, creates and produces branded content, and tells visual stories for all relevant media channels. Tom Marx Production know what it takes and is needed to set up a shoot, guide a camera team and create a behind-the-scenes shoot about your latest product or event. Whether in pre-production or as part of an ongoing shoot, they produce video content, which builds brand awareness and engages viewers.



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